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Gynae Sachet PCD Company

Gynae Sachet PCD Company - Gynae Sachets are common and used in the treatment related to women's health. These gynaecological sachets come in leak-proof packaging and can be used for targeting specific gynaecological disorders. There is a huge demand for quality sachet ranges in India. So, if you are interested in partnering with the leading gynae Sachet PCD Company in India, then Olfemy Care is the best right now. Olfemy Care is the leading pharma company that specializes in the gynaecology range. 

Importance of Gynae Sachet PCD Company In India

Specialized Focus

Offers specialized gynecological products catering to the unique needs of women.

Market Reach

Expand market reach through a well-established distribution network.

Brand Recognition

Builds a strong brand presence in the gynecological segment.

Support for Distributors

Provides marketing and promotional support to distributors, enhancing their sales efforts.

Economic Growth

Contributes to economic growth by creating business opportunities and employment.


Promotes the development and distribution of innovative gynecological healthcare solutions.

Quality Assurance

Ensures high-quality standards and regulatory compliance for safe and effective products.

Apart from the gynae sachet range, Olfemy Care offers tablets, capsules, syrups, injectables, and protein supplements. Olfemy Care is inviting all the interested candidates including pharma distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and medical representatives PAN India to start a profitable business by associating with us. Just give us a call at +919216504338 or send us an email at 

Sachet Range | An Overview 

There is a wide range of pharma products available in the Indian market right now and sachets are one of the most demanded products right now. Sachet packaging has several advantages and applications across sectors such as pharma, cosmetics, FMCG, and so on. It is a sealed packet that keeps the products safe from light, moisture, as well as oxygen. Also, it is easy to open and store. There are several reasons behind the rising demand for sachet products in the healthcare sector, such as

  1. First of all, the sachets range are highly affordable products.
  2. Secondly, sachets are highly customisable and versatile. 
  3. Also, Sachets are easy to transport and store. 
  4. Sachets have a long shelf life and are easy to use. 

In addition, there are different kinds of sachets available such as ORS sachets, sugar sachets, silica gel sachets, salt sachets, pre-biotic sachets, cholecalciferol sachets, and many more. 

Start A Profitable Business By Associating With The Leading Gynae Sachet PCD Company In India!

Olfemy Care started its journey two decades ago with a mission of serving top-notch quality products dedicated to half of the Indian population i.e. females. We are an ISO-certified pharma company having its a manufacturing unit. This manufacturing unit has DCGI approval and WHO-GMP certifications. Also, Olfemy Care is among the top gynae PCD franchise companies in India that deals in a wide range of pharma products. Gynae Sachet PCD Company like Olfemy Care specialises in manufacturing and marketing sachets products and offers exclusive monopoly & distribution rights to its associates in a particular region. Also, other perks are being enjoyed by the franchise holders. There are plenty of reasons to join hands with Olfemy Care, including-

  1. Starting a gynae PCD franchise for sachets required low investment as well as low-risk factors.
  2. This is a highly profitable business opportunity where you will be your boss. 
  3. Also, Olfemy Care offers top-notch quality products in the gynaecology range. 
  4. Moreover, you will get to enjoy exclusive monopoly lights of distribution at a very low investment. 
  5. Assured quality pharma products at affordable rates. 
  6. Our company will provide full assistance in marketing, promotions, and distribution with free tools such as MR bags, visual aids, and so on.  

In addition, starting a gynae sachet PCD franchise with Olfemy Care. All you need is a PAN and an aadhar card for identification. Also, there is a requirement for GST no. and a drug license for acquiring a gynae PCD pharma franchise. 

Gynae Sachets Range | Olfemy Care 

Olfemy Care has an extensive list of gynaecology products covering current in-demand in India covers infections, premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, and so on. Here is the top-quality gynae sachet range available at affordable prices- 

  • L-Arginine, Folic Acid & Proanthocyanidin - L-Arginine, Folic acid, and Proanthocyanidin are mainly used for managing heart disease, high sugar levels, and high blood pressure. Also, it helps in maintaining the growth development of the fetus.  
  • Pre & Probiotic With Zinc Sachets - Pre & probiotic with Zinc sachets helps in treating various medical problems such as bowel problems, vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and so on. 
  • Cholecalciferol 6 L IU - Cholecalciferol is a widely used dietary supplement that is mainly used for treating vitamin D deficiency in females. 

How To Start A Gynae Sachet PCD Franchise Company In India?

As you are already aware investing in a PCD pharma franchise is a more feasible option as it offers numerous perks. However, finding the best franchise partnership is the first step toward a profitable business. Here at Olfemy Care, we have been working very hard working towards our mission of becoming the established brand for the gynae care range. Now, let's take a look into the process of starting a gynae PCD Pharma Franchise for sachets in India. 

  1. First of all, select the area or region you want to start a business. Mae sure there is a significant population and decent healthcare facilities for females. 
  2. Secondly, apply for a drug license, and GST no. to the respective authorities.
  3. Conduct research by own online. Check reviews, eligibility criteria, certifications, documents, etc. 
  4. Also, choose the company as per your requirements and budget. Here at Oflemy Care, there is no need to make huge investments and only require a drug license & GST number. 
  5. Sign the agreement after thoroughly reading the terms & conditions. 

Here at Olfemy Care, there is no requirement for hefty investment and minimum eligibility criteria.  To know more about gynae Sachet PCD Company, contact us at the following details!

Benefits of Choosing Olfemy Care for Gynae PCD Franchise | Best Gynae Range

Olfemy Care leading the best Gynae Sachet PCD Company. We are a well-known brand in the pharmaceutical sector for our business and quality. We are the source of the best quality and most advantageous business terms for all of our associates and pharma franchises. We provide a wide range of products like TabletsCapsulesSachetsSyrupInjectable, and Protein Supplement. Olfemy Care conducts business honestly and morally with each of its partners. Therefore, Some additional advantages of working with Olfemy Care are listed below:

  • We also provide third-party manufacturing services.
  • Attractive incentives.
  • On-time delivery and excellent packaging.
  • High-quality products at a reasonable price.
  • The newsletter will provide regular updates on any new product launches and developments in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Our Company provides all products with the highest quality.
  • Our quality assurance team provides all of our products which has the highest quality raw materials that are thoroughly inspected

Contact Us

Name - Olfemy Care 

Phone No. - +919216504338

Email Address -

Address - SCO NO-8 2ND Floor Swastik Vihar MDC Sector-5 Panchkula ( Haryana )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - What documents and licenses are required for acquiring a gynae sachet franchise?

Answer -  Drug License and GST No. will be required to acquire a gynae sachet franchise in India.

Question - How much investment is required for starting a gynae Sachet franchise in India?

Answer - The investment required for starting a gynae sachet franchise in India is approximately 50k -1 lakh. 

Question - Who is the leading gynae sachet PCD Company in India?

Answer - Olfemy Care is the leading gynae PCD Company in India offering top-quality products.