Gynae PCD Company In Assam

Gynae PCD Company In Assam

Gynae PCD Company In Assam

Gynae PCD Company In Assam  - Are you looking for a Gynae PCD Company In Assam? If yes, then stop searching anywhere because this site is good for you. Olfemy Care is an Assam-based pharma company that is inviting people from all over India. The demand for gynae products is increasing day by day therefore there are many people who are for the leading Gynae PCD Company In Assam if you are one of those then no worries.

Olfemy Care is a leading gynae pcd company in Assam. Our company maintained its market credibility and held a respectable position in the pharma market. The Gynae market is expanding day by day across the country as people become more aware of its importance. If you want to invest in Gynae PCD Company in Assam then it is the best opportunity to join Olfemy Care. Our company provides many offers to its franchise partners and its customers.

After seeing the demand for gynae products you want to invest in the gynae pharma business. Then connect with Olfemy Care and contact us at +919216504338 and you can drop an email also at

Benefits of Starting Gynae PCD Company in Assam

Assam is a state located in northeastern India and south of the eastern Himalayas. Dispur is the capital of Assam. This state is bordered by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. Assam is a popular state for Assam tea and Assam silk and it was the first site for oil drilling in Asia. It is home to the one-horned rhinoceros along with the wild water buffalo and various species of Asiatic birds. The Forest of Sal tree is found in this state as a result of rainfall and looks green all year around. In this state rainfall is more than in other parts of India.

The projected population of Assam in 2022 is found as 353.78 lakh. According to 2022, the estimated population of Assam in 2023 is 35.72 billion as per unique identification Adhar.  There is an increasing growth rate of population and people are educated and aware of their health. The estimated population of females in 2023 is 17,613,218 and females are aware of their health this increases the demand for gynae products in Assam.

Targeted Locations in Assam

According to the census data, there are 28 districts and 58 sub-divisions in Assam and there is a lot of location that our company hasn’t reached yet. We want to cover these locations by expanding our business. Here we provide the list of those locations.










Benefits of starting Gynae PCD Company For Gynae Range with the Leading Company In India

Olfemy Care is a well-known pharma company and is a respectable name in the gynecology pharmaceutical sector. We have been working for many years in this sector. Therefore we have almost 20 years of experience in this field. The price of our gynae products are highly competitive therefore you earn a high profit margin with us. Olfemy Care has its own warehouse where we store our raw materials and keep them safe and hygienic. Our experts use top-quality raw materials for the production of gynae products. We believe in making happy customers by providing them with effective and affordable gynae products. Starting a pcd pharma company is a good idea and it also is profitable there is a huge demand for gynae products in India. Here we mentioned some beneficial points to us.

  • Low Cost of Investment -  Gynae pcd business starts with low investment rates as compared to starting a solo business and gives huge profits in less time. Therefore it is easy to start with less investment and low resources to access.
  • Rising demand for gynecological products - Contraceptives Pills, vaginal Creams, and hormone treatments, and other related items are always in demand. Due to the increasing awareness and changing healthcare needs gynecological healthcare industries are continuing to expand.
  • Unique Area - Our company provides monopoly rights to its franchise holders therefore you will get exclusive distribution rights for the area you choose. It means there is no competition in the market.
  • Specific Goal - You are able to target the demographic and build a solid brand image by specializing in a particular field. You can make a market presence by dealing with and concentrating on gynecological products.

List of Gynecological Problems in Females.

Females are suffering from many gynae problems and we provide effective gynae medicines for the health of women. Here we provide a list of some gynae problems.

  • Ovarian cysts.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Acne and abnormal female hair distribution.
  • Genital tract infections.
  • Vulva and vagina skin disorders.

Why Choose Olfemy Care

Olfemy Care is a leading Gynae PCD Pharma Company and has its own manufacturing units for the production of gynae medicines. We have a team of experts and professionals for the manufacturing of pharma medicines at affordable prices. Our expert team never compromises with the quality of gynae products. We believe in building long relationships with our customers by providing them with effective medicines at affordable prices.

  • Budget-friendly
  • PAN India availability
  • ISO, WHO, and GMP-certified company
  • Exclusive monopoly rights and also we offer free promotional tools to our associates.
  • Premium quality packaging
  • Wide range of gynae medicines
  • Skilled and professional experts
  • High-quality products

You can avail of these benefits if you become our partner in Assam.

Contact Us

Name - Olfemy Care

Phone No. - +919216504338

Email Address -

Address - SCO NO-8 2ND Floor Swastik Vihar MDC Sector-5 Panchkula ( Haryana )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1 - Who is the leading Gynae PCD Pharma Company in Assam?

Answer - Olfemy Care is the leading Gynae PCD Pharma Company in Assam.

Question 2 - Are Olfemy Care IVF Medicines products affordable?

Answer -  Yes, of course, Olfemy Care offers IVF Medicines products at affordable prices.

Question 3 - Question 3. Which type of gynecology product forms are available in Olfemy Care?

Answer. There are several gynecology product forms available in Olfemy Care such as:

  • Tablet
  • Syrup
  • Sachets
  • Protein Supplements
  • Injectables
  • Capsules
  • And many others