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disodium hydrogen citrate

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Disodium Hydrogen Citrate

DIMAS - Are you searching for a better quality DIMAS? It is a combination of disodium hydrogen citrate and it is a urinary alkaliser indicated for the treatment of renal tubular acidosis, gout, and kidney stones. These stones are made up of calcium, phosphate, and other minerals, acids salts that stick together in concentrated urine. Moreover, disodium hydrogen citrate contains disodium hydrogen citrate which metabolizes to bicarbonate and increases the excretion of free bicarbonate ions. This will increase the solubility of cysteine in the urine and ionize uric acid to soluble urate ions. This medication helps increase the urinary pH and make the urine less acidic. 

This medication is mainly used for the treatment of urinary tract infections, painful or difficult urination, kidney stones, urinary acidosis, and gout. Moreover, disodium hydrogen citrate works by removing excess uric acid from the blood through urine. This medication belongs to the urine alkalizer category and acts by increasing the pH of urine, keeping it less acidic. It helps the kidney to eliminate excess uric acid and prevent gout and some types of kidney stones. It is beneficial in neutralizing excess acid produced in the stomach.

How to Take This Medication?

You can take this medication as advised by your doctor. You can take disodium hydrogen citrate for as long as your doctor suggests it for you. The dosage of this medication depends on your medical condition. In some cases, you may experience some common side effects that are resolved over time. These side effects do not require any medical treatment but take advice from your doctor if you experience these side effects persistently. The disodium hydrogen citrate should be diluted with a glass of water and always take this medication after a meal.  

Uses of This Medication

Disodium Hydrogen Citrate is used in the treatment of gout and kidney stones.

What are the Medical Benefits of Disodium Hydrogen Citrate?

Disodium Hydrogen Citrate is a urinary alkaliser that is used for the treatment of renal tubular acidosis, gout, and kidney stones. This medication is a mixture of disodium hydrogen citrate, which metabolizes to bicarbonate and increases the excretion of free bicarbonate ions. This medication is beneficial for increasing the pH value of the urinary and making the urine less acidic. Moreover, this medication is also helpful for the treatment of urinary tract infections.

How to Store This Medication?

Store this medicine in a cool and dry place, and away from sunlight.

Some Common Side Effects of This Medication

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Precautions for Taking This Medication

Allergy - Inform your doctor before taking this medication if you have any kind of allergy reactions. Before taking disodium hydrogen citrate inform your doctor if you have hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia, high blood pressure, edema, urinary tract infections, or kidney dysfunction. 

Pregnant - If you are pregnant or breastfeeding mother then inform your doctor before taking this medication. 

Alcohol consumption - Avoid taking any kind of alcohol after taking this medication.

Do not drive - disodium hydrogen citrate affects your ability to drive so drive only if you are alert.

Children  - Before giving this medication to your children inform your doctor.