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Hydroxyprogesterone 250

Hydroxyprogesterone 250 - Hydroxyprogesterone is a medication that is categorized as a progestin hormone. It is used to reduce the risk of preterm birth in women who have previously experienced a premature delivery during a singleton pregnancy. Pregnant women who miscarry or go into early labor can also take it to manage those conditions. Preterm delivery is the condition in which the baby is born before the full 37 weeks gestation period. Early indicators of this condition include frequent contractions of the womb, persistent back pain, abdominal pressure, mild bleeding, or changes in vaginal discharge. If you are looking for Hydroxyprogesterone 250, then get in touch with Olfemy Care.

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What Is Hydroxyprogesterone 250?

Hyprogesterone, a potent and extended-release progestational steroid ester, causes the growth of mammary gland ducts, transforms proliferative endothelium into secretory endothelium, and suppresses the generation and/or release of gonadotropic hormone. There are also slight androgenic, estrogenic, and corticoid effects seen in it, but these should not be relied upon.

In the absence of organic pathology, such as submucous fibroids or uterine cancer, hydroxyprogesterone capricate injection, USP is indicated in non-pregnant women for the following purposes: a test for endogenous estrogen production; management of amenorrhea (primary and secondary); production of secretory endometrium and desquamation; and treatment of advanced adenocarcinoma of the uterine corpus (Stage III or IV).

Uses Of Hydroxyprogesterone 250

Women who have previously given birth prematurely (preterm) and are pregnant with a single child are prescribed this drug. It is intended to reduce the likelihood of another preterm birth. One artificial version of the hormone (progestin) is hydroxyprogesterone. The mechanism of action to stop premature births is unknown.If a woman is expecting more than one child—twins or triplets, for example—this medicine is not meant to prevent preterm birth. Moreover, it is not meant to halt ongoing premature labor. Owing to safety or efficacy issues, this medication has been taken off the US market.


Allergic reactions - Progestin hypersensitivity reactions have been documented. Women who have previously experienced progestin hypersensitivity should not use hydroxyprogesterone caprate.

Glucose tolerance - Progestins may reduce glucose tolerance, so people with diabetes should have their blood glucose levels checked.

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