Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India

Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India

Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India

Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India - Folic acids are essential tablets that are mostly used during pregnancy and it is one of the crucial components of the B complex. This medication is essential and required by the human body to carry out vital tasks like heart-related problems. It protects the body from cognitive illness and performing bodily activities including pregnancy. Therefore this medication is highly recommended during pregnancy. One of the biggest problems is that there are various folic acid tablets available in the market. Therefore choosing the best among them is quite difficult. Therefore we make this blog of Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India to solve your problem regarding folic acid tablets.

This medication is essential for proper cell functioning and growth and assists in producing RBC. Folic acid tablets are crucial and beneficial for pregnant women for various reasons. That is the reason why gynecologists recommend this medication to every pregnant woman.  Moreover, it is directed to all ladies who are planning to start taking folic acid tablets right from the word go. In this blog, we will explore the Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India. All the listed medications are ranked as per their quality, effectiveness, absorption value, availability, and much more. All the listed tablets are affordable and easily available in the market.

Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India

Folic acid and vitamin B9 play a crucial role along with iron and other nutrients. It is important for the healthy growth of the baby’s neural system and brain in the critical first trimester. Choosing the Right Prenatal supplements and proper doses is essential because most Indian diets do not meet this key requirement through regular foods alone. 

# Fezox | Ferrous Ascorbate And Folic Tablets

It is one of the reliable and safest tablets that can be used during pregnancy. This medication consists of iron, vitamins such as B and C, and zinc. Moreover, these tablets help in the treatment of anemia which is caused by iron deficiency. Due to a lack of a healthy diet, and less formation of red blood cells anemia occurs in the body and sometimes in pregnant ladies. Moreover, it helps in the fulfillment of the body’s nutrient supply by increasing the level of red blood cells which naturally increase the production of hemoglobin and helps oxygen all the parts of the body.

# Follicle Forte

Follicle Forte is a perfect blend of 7 medicines and it is next among the Folic Acid tablets for pregnancy in India. Take this medication as prescribed by gynecologists and it is used to treat and cure PCOS. Moreover, this medication is used to cure several other problems related to women including irregular menstruation. Follicle Forte is recommended for the treatment of irregular menses in women and also improves the overall functioning of the ovaries. 

# Folzin-5

It is the best folic acid tablet and is also included in the list of Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India. It contains powerful properties of folic acid which helps to meet the folic acid and nutritional deficiency of the body during the time of pregnancy. Moreover, these tablets treat iron deficiency in the body and help to develop major brain parts of the unborn baby in the womb. Folzin-5 is also used during breastfeeding and under nutritional malabsorption. Moreover, the proper usage of this medication will also help to prevent birth disorders that are known as neural tube effects.

# Corafer-XT

This is a famous Folic Acid tablet that is used during pregnancy in India and it comes with a triple-action formula of ferrous Ascorbate, Folic Acid & Zinc Sulphate. They act as an iron supplement to treat iron deficiency and fulfill the low blood levels during the time of pregnancy. Moreover, this medication is beneficial for treating iron deficiency in women and also increases iron absorption in the body.

# Doxfa

This medication is a composition of Antihistamine, Vitamin B, and Vitamin B6. It is a perfect blend of these three medicines and is used during the time of pregnancy in India. This medication is helpful to treat lower morning sickness, vomiting, and nausea during the time of pregnancy. Moreover, it is used to support the healthy fetus growth of the unborn child by supplying essential elements.

# SheNeed Folic Acid & Iron Tablets

This medication is created with iron and folic acid and is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant ladies. It contains vitamin B9-1000 mcg, iron-100mg, and vitamin C-60mg per tablet. Moreover, it supports healthy fetal development and prevents neural tube defects in babies. Apart from this, it is used to treat anemic conditions in the body and boost RBC and hemoglobin production.


This medication is a mixture of Myo-inositol, N-acetyl-cysteine, biotin, lycopene, vitamin D3, chromium, and folic acid. This combination of medications is also known as nutritional supplements that are used to reduce the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This medication helps improve insulin sensitivity and ovarian function in women with PCOS. Moreover, it promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails and also maintains your bones during pregnancy.


This medication is a perfect blend of  Ferrous ascorbate 100 mg & folic acid1.5mg+ zinc 22.5 mg and is mostly used to treat iron deficiency. It is a combination of three nutrient supplements and it contains vitamin C which assists in enhancing the absorption of iron in the body. Folic acid is a form of Vitamin B that plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells.  

# HK Vital Iron + Folic Supplements

These tablets are recommended for pregnant ladies to complete the iron and folic deficiency or other essential vitamins and minerals. It is specially designed by experts to meet increased nutritional needs during the time of pregnancy. This medicine is specially used for the development of unborn babies. It contains Vitamin C that is used as an immunity booster.

#Gynoveda Iron Folic Supplement

These tablets provide an Ayurvedic approach to managing iron and folic acid needs in pregnancy and they contain iron, folic acid, calcium amla, and other natural herbs. Moreover, this medicine is used to build iron cells in the body and boosts hemoglobin levels in the blood.


Here we mention a list of the Top 10 Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnancy in India. All these tablets are rich in folic acid and iron. We hope you read this blog and it is beneficial for you. For orders and any other queries regarding folic acid, you can visit Olfemy Care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1 - Why is folic acid important during pregnancy?

Answer - Folic acid is crucial and essential during pregnancy because it prevents neural tube defects in the fetus and supports the early stages of brain and spinal cord function.

Question 2 - When do you start taking folic acid during pregnancy?

Answer - Folic acid prevents birth defects known as neural tube defects, including spinal bifida. Moreover, you can start taking this medication before you conceive and start as soon as you find out you are pregnant.